Social Events

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception will take place on September 5 in the Musée Jean Lurçat, a museum of contemporary tapestry located in the Hôpital Saint Jean, a major Gothic-style edifice and one of the last remaining examples of a remarkably well-preserved large hospital complex. Built in the 12th century, it is today considered as one of the exceptional monuments from Angers’ heritage. A more detailed description with additional photos is available here.


Symposium Banquet

The Symposium Banquet will be organized on September 6 in the Château du Plessis-Bourré. Jean Bourré, Louis XI’s Minister of Finance, who was also the main confident of the King and his most faithful servant, built the present castle in less than 5 years, from 1468 till 1473. You can browse the Plessis-Bourré Web site here.

Free shuttles will take you to the Château from ESEO (about 15km) and back to your hotels in the city centre:

  • departure from ESEO: 6:30PM
  • departure from the Banquet: 11:00PM (4 stops near the main hotels)

Please do not be late!