On behalf of the International Steering Committee, I am delighted and privileged to welcome you and your families to the major European conference on EMC, from 4 to 8 September in Angers, one of the best cities of good living in France.

Angers, located in the Loire Valley (1.5 hour from Paris by train), is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage for Humanity. For many centuries, it has evolved from an ancient city into a flagship of modern technology, receiving the FrenchTech label for its contribution to the Internet of Things while keeping its traditional character.

EMC Europe 2017 focuses on the high quality of scientific and technical contributions as well as the fruitfulness of exchanges among EMC researchers and practitioners from all over the world, in a spirit of openness and conviviality. The conference will cover the whole spectrum of EMC topics, including emerging trends. Special sessions, workshops, tutorials and a large exhibition will be organized along with regular sessions.

Angers is a place where the ‘French way of life’ expression takes on its full meaning. From castles to wine-tasting, from sightseeing to good food, you will not be disappointed with your stay.

Join us in EMC Europe 2017 for an experience you will never forget.

This is ANGERS (YouTube – 80 sec)
ANGERS, a city of good living in France (YouTube – 104 sec)